Prof. Lars-Eric Uneståhl

President of Scandinavian International University. Founder of the Introduced the clinical and experimental Hypnosis in Sweden 1960, The Swedish Society 1965 and created the concept of  Mental Training (1969)  He has served as a visiting professor at many universities around the world and has worked with the Olympic Committees in 12 countries. Written 21 books and many articles. His mental training programs have been used by millions of people.
As a visiting professor in many countries he introduced the Mental Training concept and in 1989 he founded the International Society for Mental Training and Excellence with sections for School, Work, Sport and Performing Arts, Business and Public Sector, Health (Health development and Clinical Areas.)
He has organized several World Congresses (Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine in Uppsala 1973, Sport Psychology in Copenhagen 1985, Mental Training in Örebro 1991 and in Beijing 2008, Mind Training in Kosovo 2011 and in Gavle, Sweden, 2019.)


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