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Kjell Fagéus

Kjell Fagéus, clarinet – soloist and chamber musician. Fagéus works with some of Sweden's leading musicians in Chamber Music concerts and recordings. He has performed as a soloist with various Symphony and Chamber orchestras and has made many international tours.  Fagéus records radio, TV programs and has recorded about 20 CD´s that have been widely appreciated. Fagéus has previously been employed as principal clarinetist at the Royal Opera Orchestra for many years and as Concertmaster of the Stockholm Wind Symphony Orchestra. A great interest and long experience as an educator lead to many internationally seminars and courses in clarinet playing, chamber music, and in Artistic Mental Training. He is educated at the Stockholm Academy of Music with soloist diploma and pedagogue degree. Also educated at Juilliard School of Music in New York and at Unestahl Education with diploma in mental training and coaching. In addition, postgraduate education at the Dialogue Seminar at KTH. Fagéus has written two books and training programs in the subject of Artistic Mental Training. He has also initiated and conducted many music festivals as artistic director and producer.  Official "Yamaha Artist". Now invited for the fourth time to play a concert and have a workshop at Congress for Mental Strength.


What do we need to nourish beyond traditional knowledge and skills? Some of the things might be self-esteem, self-confidence, motivation, hope, and ability to prepare physically, mentally, emotional, and spiritually. Get some reflection and tools to bring the best alive from the past, longing for the future with a good spirit and at the same time being present here and now. Prepare for Flow and help students to experience Flow.