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Elene Uneståhl

Certified Trainer in Hypnosis, Mental Training, NLP and Coaching.
One of three certified ICC trainers in Sweden.
She runs Scandinavian International University in Sweden, together with Lars Eric Unestahl. Her mission is to bring out the Mental Training around the world. First language in this distance learning course is in English, soon Spanish and Chinese.
15 years of Teaching and Private Practice with Hypnotherapy, Mental Training, NLP and Coaching and having very good results through a pro-active and solution focused way of working. 15 years’ experience of creating tailor made solutions for individuals, companies and executives needs with good results.


•    The Workshop goal – Increase of Life Competence – not only Knowledge
•    The Seven Stars – Similar areas to Life Excellence
•    Combination of the seven stars with alternative States of Consciousness
•    The “Mental Room” providing a Mental State as a base for a better Life
•    Coaching the “unconscious” Mind
•    Learning to speak the Mind Training language
•    Practices of using the language for body changes
•    Using the language in alternative states of consciousness (ASC)
•    Learning “the Inner Mental room” as a base for change and development
•    Learning relaxation for sleep quality and “Relaxense” for day effectiveness
•    Breathing for a better Life
•    The four key-areas to Life Success
•    From the ideo-motor- to the Psycho-Neuro- Immunology- connections
•    The 4 Success factors for Excellence in Sport and Life
•    The Complex Self-Image as a key to a satisfying Life
•    Mind Training and the Impooster syndrome
•    Combine “Intellectual” goals with Goal-Images and Goal-Programming
•    From traditional EQ-awareness to EQ-control and EQ-development
•    The Use of Mind Training for Life development and Problem solving
•    Mind Training for Future Life Excellence and Eternal Harmony
•    The workshop contents and the Implication for Future Life