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Systematic Mind Training for Sport- and Life Excellence

Der Pionier des Mentalen Trainings, Lars-Eric Unestahl, der den Begriff "Mentales Training" 1969 prägte, gibt einen umfassenden Überblick und ein Update über die ganze Spannweite und die Möglichkeiten mentaler Techniken.

A workshop combining Theory and Practices Areas
• Consciousness with focus on Alternative states of consciousness
• Mind Training areas with focus on Mental Training and Mindfulness
• Philosophy and Models with focus on the developmental- and Trainingmodels
• Relaxense – The ideal state of functioning in the day & Relax – for quality sleep
• The Special Mind Training “language”
• From the ideo-motor- to the Psycho-Neuro- Immunologyconnections
• The 4 Success factors for Excellence in Sport and Life
• The Complex Self-Image as a key to a satisfying Life
• Mind Training and the Imposter syndrome
• From Vision and Goals to situation related Images
• Replace the SMART model with the MACT model
• Combine “Intellectual” goals with Goal-Images and Goal-Programming
• Action plans and/or cybernetic controlled action
• Attitude training of Optimism and Mental Toughness training
• Mind Training for better EQ – new methods for emotional control and development
• Mind Training for Peak Performance and IPS (Ideal Performance State)
• Mind Training for Effective Learning – The Unestahl Learning pyramid
• Mind Training for Problem behaviors
• Mind Training for Psychosomatic problems
• Mind Training and the golden ratio for Life Harmony
• Mind Training for Future Excellence and Eternal Harmony