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W086: Champions and high achievers are made of habits. Master the Habits of Success and High Achievement

Achieve your life's goals. The THETA MIND techniques, work directly with your subconscious mind, giving you a deep conditioning experience and transformation that lasts.

The THETA MIND PROGRAM of High Achievement is a powerful self-improvement system that reveals the secrets of made achievers, giving you the tools, skills, and insight necessary to reach any goal you desire in life, business, work, and sports. You' will incorporate the characteristics of success into every fibre of your body.

A model for high achievement: Have you ever wondered why some people, with apparently no greater ability than you, have all the "results" on the road to personal and professional success?

Through five years researching this question conducted at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and the University of California, they discovered 21 characteristics common to high achievers. They have identified a pattern of attitudes and habits associated with high achievers.

Condensing this research, we have created an ideal model of the high achiever the very essentials of accomplishment. This model of high achievement provides you with a vivid picture of the mental, emotional, physical, and financial attitudes of the world's most successful individuals.

This Model of High Achievement will enable you to assimilate these characteristics into your own personality. *You will Master the habits of success: Through this presentation, you will discover a series of multi-sensory exercises, assessment and lessons that will help you make high achievement behaviour a daily habit. You'll compare your strengths and weaknesses to those of model high achievers. *