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W014: Mind Training for Life Excellence - An workshop combining Theory and Practices

•    The Workshop goal – Increase of Life Competence – not only Knowledge
•    The Seven Stars – Similar areas to Life Excellence
•    Combination of the seven stars with alternative States of Consciousness
•    The “Mental Room” providing a Mental State as a base for a better Life
•    Coaching the “unconscious” Mind
•    Learning to speak the Mind Training language
•    Practices of using the language for body changes
•    Using the language in alternative states of consciousness (ASC)
•    Learning “the Inner Mental room” as a base for change and development
•    Learning relaxation for sleep quality and “Relaxense” for day effectiveness
•    Breathing for a better Life
•    The four key-areas to Life Success
•    From the ideo-motor- to the Psycho-Neuro- Immunology- connections
•    The 4 Success factors for Excellence in Sport and Life
•    The Complex Self-Image as a key to a satisfying Life
•    Mind Training and the Impooster syndrome
•    Combine “Intellectual” goals with Goal-Images and Goal-Programming
•    From traditional EQ-awareness to EQ-control and EQ-development
•    The Use of Mind Training for Life development and Problem solving
•    Mind Training for Future Life Excellence and Eternal Harmony
•    The workshop contents and the Implication for Future Life