VK2: Tools for creating solution-focused schools and workplaces

A happy workplace. A happy school? Are you kidding? Rather than being seen as fountains of happiness, many - if not most - people regard schools and workplace as a major source of stress in their life. These days, we mostly hear people complaining about bullying, sexual harassment, unreasonable targets, stress, burnout, constant changes, conflicts…. you name it.
But on the other hand, we sometimes also hear about and "dream teams", "innovative schools ", "best places to work" “and every now and then we bump into people who say that they love their work. Is there a secret code that can be cracked? Can we regular mortals do something to create working environments for ourselves that rock?
Dr Ben Furman says the answer is yes. He is a world-renowned psychiatrist, psychotherapist and advocate of solution-focused psychology whose many books have been translated to more than 20 languages. Together with his long-time colleague Tapani Ahola, he has helped the staff of many organizations and schools to adopt a solution-focused mindset including respectful communication, good collaboration and constructive problem solving.
In this two-day workshop Dr. Ben will introduce participants to solution-focused psychology and demonstrate, through tried and tested exercises and activities, how big a difference it makes to the atmosphere of any organization, when its participant approach each other in a respectful, kind and solution-focused manner.
Collaboration, kindness and respect are not gifts from God. They are communication skills that can be learned and applied to daily life - not only with our colleagues, but also with our family and friends. Join this workshop to learn – and to teach others – simple skills that contribute to creating happier workplaces, schools and families.
Participants of this pre-conference workshop can purchase the German translation of “Zusammenarbeit” which is a manual for conducting workshops for families, teams and organizations.
1. What is solution-focused psychology and how does it differ from other psychological ideas
2. What are solution-focused collaboration and communication skills and how can they be learned
3. How to focus on successes and share them in a way that promotes collaboration and mutual well-being
4. How to solve problems in a way that leads to brainstorming rather than blamestorming
5. How to influence other people in a collaborative and respectful manner.
6. How to turn conflicts into win-win dialogues

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