W065: Self-regulation and coping with adversities in sport and stage performance

Sport expertise and successful athletic careers are dynamic, uncertain, and depend on the multifaceted fabric of person and contextual factors (e.g., Ericsson, 2003; Siekańska, 2013; Stambulova, 2016). There are many similarities between sport and stage performance: warm-up, expressing oneself through the body, social exposure, striving for the best performance, the role of a coach shares similarities to that one of a director or a conductor. Recently, self-regulation (as a person factor) gained a renewed interest among applied sport psychology researchers and practitioners (e.g., Jonker et al., 2012; Massey et al., 2013). The purpose of this workshop is to review (conceptually and practically) the role of self-regulation in the skill acquisition, and coping with adversities in sport and stage performance .
Four case studies will be provided to the participants: two of the world elite level athletes and two of the stage performance of internationally renowned artists. All 4 case studies address the problems encountered by the performers, how they identified the issues, and how they solved them by psychological support and mental skills training. We will also show how to work with athletes and stage performers to overcome adversities and stimulate their development.

The workshop leaders are scientists and experienced practitioners. Prof. Blecharz has been working with elite athletes from various sports disciplines for over 35 years. He has participated as a psychologist in the Olympic Games 3 times. He also successfully works with stage performers (mainly musicians and singers).
Małgorzata Siekańska, Ph.D. - is a certified sport psychologist and associate professor at the Department of Psychology at the University School of Physical Education in Krakow (Poland). She specializes in sport and performance psychology. She runs training on psychological skills (e.g., interpersonal communication, negotiations and decision making, mental training for young athletes).


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