W081: Resilient leadership under pressure

The ability to stay focused under pressure has become an essential skill for leaders in virtually every setting. In order to cope and function effectively we need to develop our ability to concentrate in the face of distractions, annoyances, frustrations, conflicts, worries, tiredness, boredom and fears that normally interfere with our ability to maintain our involvement and attention.
This workshop teaches the principles that allow us to be unmoved in the face of trouble and to increase our stability, power and presence under difficult circumstances. Designed as an “inner toughness training”, it applies concepts and techniques from martial arts, mindfulness and mental training that will support participants in cultivating focus, clarity, balance and wisdom under pressure
About the instructor: Igor Ardoris is a professional educator and mental trainer who helps elite athletes, teachers, managers, police, fire brigade and ambulance paramedics to keep their cool and act calmly and balanced in challenging situations.


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