W015: Mind Training and Developmental Hypnosis

Enayatollah Shahidi, Prof. Lars-Eric Uneståhl und Elene Uneståhl


This workshop will provide a description and demonstration of strategies using hypnosis to train the mind for non-clinical and developmental purposes.

Dr. Uneståhl begins with a brief introduction to mind training and will then present his research findings, including what he found about alternative states of consciousness, where he showed the similarities between hypnosis and flow states as natural daily experiences.

Dr. Shahidi will then introduce the non-clinical applications of hypnosis and the significant role of hypnotic techniques for efficient training of the mind to help the person to change for the better.

Dr. Uneståhl will continue showing his way of using hypnosis in facilitating the personal development and well-being of the clients. Areas to be covered are Stress Management with Recovery (Active rest in the day and Deep sleep in the night) and Mental Toughness training, Self- and Goal Image Training, Mindset and Attitude development, Mental Skills development (Creativity, Concentration, etc.) and the use of hypnosis to increase Wellbeing (Life-Motivation and Enjoyment, Happiness and Gratitude)

Dr. Shahidi will then share his way of utilization with the workshop participants. He will explain how therapists can avoid standard usual predetermined approaches to therapy and, instead, discover clients’ current beliefs, attitudes, and feelings by careful observation of explicit and implicit cues and how to utilize or modify them accordingly. Although everything can be utilized, not everything needs to be utilized! The facilitator will discuss and demonstrate how to implement the techniques of inward journey, mind control chambers, and seeding to catalyze the process of development.

Learning Objectives:
1.    Provide the participants with research and hypnosis based techniques to be used for personal and client developments
2.    Be able to avoid predetermined therapeutic approaches and instead actively identify, utilize, and modify significant inner resources or requirements.
3.    Be able to use specific hypnotic techniques, including at least three of the following: (a) Hypnotic Modeling, (b) ORA, (c) Hypnocybernetics, (d) Inward Journey, (e) Mind Control Chambers, (f) Seeding, (g) Hypnotic Running, (h) System 3 Decision Making, (i) the Hypnotic Room and Home, (j) Mind Control Triggers, and (k) the CHANGE System


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