W030: Hypnotic Mental Training for Sports People

The traditional model of sports psychology uses two primary interventions: having the athlete practice reducing the stress level while engaged in sports, and having that same athlete imagine performing perfectly and winning the game.
As an ex-athlete and a hypnotherapist who has worked with athletes for years, I believe this is helpful but not enough!

Troy Aikman, the former American Football champion, stated, “When you get to the elite level in sports, athletically, what separates the great performers are the ones who are mentally tough and see things a little bit quicker than their competitors.”

In this workshop, after a short introduction on the role of hypnosis in sequence learning, and to create that tough mind, the facilitator is going to introduce a six-phase model for using hypnosis to train the brain:
1.    Assessment of the athletes and their particular psychological needs
2.    Specific preparation of the athlete subjects for hypnotic intervention
3.    Using alert hypnosis to help them develop a proper mental stance towards performance
4.    Using hypnosis to help athletes overcome performance anxiety, believe their capabilities, and restructure the negative cognitions
5.    Using hypnosis to let athletes have vivid imagination of different performance situations until winning the competition and conditioning them for the best performance at rivalry time
6.    Conditioning the athletes and teaching them self-hypnosis to enhance performance and rehearse the whole process by themselves

Mental training
Sequence learning

Three learning objectives:
The attendees will be able to:
1.    Describe the meaning of sequence learning and the role of hypnosis in enhancing it.
2.    Explain and utilize the six-phase model of hypnotic mental training to train the athletes’ brains.
3.    Teach self-hypnosis to the athletes to rehearse the introduced techniques.

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